On October 23, 1956, it was an overcast and dreary afternoon in Budapest. I was eight and my little sister was five. We lived at Rakoczi Ut. 40 in a large building across the street from Corvin, a huge Hungarian department store located approximately in the center of Pest. The famous Hungarian National Theatre House was off to the left of us.  As a young child I used to take lots of walks in the neighborhood with my Father Apatini Gyula and the family. That whole part of my life seems to have been gray with no color in it. Imagine the difference between black and white movies as opposed to color motion pictures. For me, that changed at a later point in my life when my immediate family was able to escape from Hungary and arrive in beautiful Rome Italy. That is when color entered my life. All my memories before Rome (Italy) were in black and white. That unique afternoon my sister and I were out on the balcony of our large apartment house. On the street below us there was a very large c